Opatija, Croatia 22. - 24. March, 2023

About conference

CEE CEE and CEE DCE – two conferences at the same venue and at the same time, so that you can meet everyone!


CEE CEE is one of the leading conferences in South-Eastern Europe related to telecommunications, information security and digital transformation, already in its eleventh edition – and with a significant change. Our world rapidly changes and all three major areas covered at CEE CEE are tightly bonded in many ways, so interdisciplinarity is natural way to expand the conference, addressing the main issues and challenges of today’s businesses.

Thus, we added a new event, to be held at the same time and at the same venue, in a separate hall, called CEE DCE, a new data center event, aiming to gather Croatian and regional specialists in data center field at one place. Considering that a lot of them already have a habit of being at CEE CEE, this seems as a natural step forward!

At our next event in Opatija, we are expecting 250-300 attendees from the world of telecommunications, data centers, IT, system integrations and closely related fields, representing companies from several dozen countries. Levels represented at the conference will include mainly leading people from sales and technical departments, as well as representatives of higher management. Incumbents, alternative telecoms and mobile operators will be represented, as well as system integrators and companies offering special solutions related to this area of the industry.


We are looking forward to meet you in Opatija!